CCAHEC Welcomes New BOD

CCAHEC Welcomes New BOD

CCAHEC is governed by a team of passionate community members serving on our Board of Directors. While most of their work is done in the background, the members of our Board are vital in carrying out our mission. The duties of care, loyalty, and obedience describe the way in which the directors carry out their primary responsibilities overseeing our organization.

Duty of Care requires Board members to have knowledge of all reasonably available and pertinent information before taking action. Board members must act in good faith, with the care of an ordinarily prudent businessperson in similar circumstances, and in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of the organization.


Duty of Loyalty requires Board members to candidly perform their duties in a manner designed to benefit CCAHEC, not individual interests. It incorporates the duty to disclose situations that may present a potential for conflict with the organization’s mission, as well as a duty to avoid competition with the organization.


Duty of Obedience requires Board members to ensure that the organization’s decisions and activities adhere to its fundamental corporate purpose and charitable mission, as stated in its articles of incorporation and bylaws.


With the start of our 2021 fiscal year, we thought we would take a moment to introduce our community to the five new members of our Board of Directors including:


  • Cara Cheevers, Behavioral Health Manager for the state of Colorado Division of Insurance;
  • Lynne Jones, Executive Director of Colorado Association of Family Medicine Residencies;
  • Annie Klein, Project Manager for Peer Assistance Service, Inc;
  • Miranda Meadow, Manager of Business Operations and Innovation for Kaiser Permanente Colorado;
  • Whit Oyler, Project Manager for Colorado Hospital Association.

Along with new members joining the Board, the Board votes on who will serve in various executive roles. This year, officer roles of the Executive Committee are filled by: 


  • Jennifer Hellier, PHD – President
  • Timothy Schardt, PharmD – Vice President
  • Whit Oyler, MPH – Treasurer
  • Gina Olberding, MBA – Secretary
  • Jennifer Armstrong, MD, MPH, FAHA – Past President

We are excited to take on the challenges and opportunities presented to us in the coming year with this leadership team. To learn more about our board, please click here.

Throughout the year, watch for individual spotlights on each board member. You can read spotlights we’ve done in the past at the following links:

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