A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

A young girl looked up to her mother and dreamed of being just like her. The confident and caring manner by which she lived her life left a lasting impression on this child who did grow up to be the nurse her mother was. Aisha Huebner found a place in which her dream became a reality. As a nurse at St. Anthony Medical Center in Lakewood, Colorado she also found the support to further her career. She was recently awarded a $9000.00 scholarship to pursue her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Denver University School of Nursing.

Aisha’s career in nursing started at Concorde College in Denver. First as a Licensed Practical Nurse then as a Registered Nurse, her nursing skills were optimized in the perioperative, pre-anesthesia unit at St. Anthonys. Management became her focus and she gained recognition for her ability in this area. Aisha was nominated three times for the Daisy Award because of her excellence in nursing. Most recently, Aisha was promoted to Interim Clinical Manager of her unit. Her expertise will be strengthened as she advances her education!

Aisha has other facets to her life—a mother of a blended family of seven children, she enjoys family life with her husband and challenges of a large family—five in college (two in Nursing School) a senior in high school and the youngest in eighth grade! If there is free time, Aisha loves to volunteer as a Board member for the Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County Little League Football Associations.

Aisha thought nursing was a glamourous career when she was a young girl! She now knows that is it much more—but maybe her Mom did show her the glamourous side too. Mom has retired and now lives in Maui!

Central Colorado Area Health Education Center is a proud contributor to the Nursing Scholarship Foundation at St Anthony Medical Center and is happy to support nurses like Aisha Heubner and her dream!

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