Board of Directors Spotlight: Kaycee Shiskowsky

Board Member Spotlight: Kaycee Shiskowsky

Throughout the year we will be highlighting members of our Board of Directors. This month, we are highlighting Board President Kaycee Shiskowsky.

"Kaycee has been an invigorating presence on the Board of Directors. Her passion for engaging with the communities we serve inspires us all. I appreciate her being new to board leadership because it allows for new perspectives and opportunities to approach our growth with fresh ideas. Her ability to help guide me in shaping CCAHEC's future is priceless," CCAHEC Executive Director Lin Browning.

Kaycee was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself, her career, and her role on the Board of Directors. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you’re from, where you live, family info (kids, pets, etc.).

I hail from Kalispell Montana.  I have a lovely husband, Jason, and two kids, Miles and Hazel.  We have two rambunctious dogs, Roscoe and Edna.  We live in Lakewood and love to spend our time with friends and family on the weekends.


If you could plan a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I would go to Norway to see where my ancestors came from.  Both my husband and I are Norwegian and love to make authentic dishes from our grandparents.


What is one item you cannot live without?  I cannot live without coffee.  It is my present to myself every day and my favorite drink at any time of day.


What is your favorite hobby?  My kids and I love to play racquetball, and when I can I love to read.


Can you tell us about where you work, how long you’ve been working there, what your position is, and a little bit about what you do?  I am a registered nurse at UCHealth and have worked here for 18 years in a multitude of departments and specialties.  I worked at the bedside for 9 years, worked in leadership for the last 9 years and recently started in a new role assisting with the clinical planning and design of new health care construction.  I think 9 years is my time limit to try something new.  We are currently planning a 3rd hospital Tower at the Anshchutz campus which is one big project with a bunch of medical office buildings throughout Colorado.


Why did you join the CCAHEC BOD?  I have been blessed with a wonderful career in hospital nursing but I haven’t had many opportunities to help out my community.  CCAHEC is my opportunity to give back to the community and the health care career that has given me so much.


How long have you been a member of the CCAHEC BOD?  This is my first board experience.  I have been on the board almost 3 years now, and have been the board president for the last year.


What is the professional accomplishment you are most proud of?  In nursing one of the biggest and best conferences that nurses attend is the Magnet conference.  I am most proud of a presentation on Unit Based Councils at the Magnet conference in front of 800 attendees, and then a subsequent publication on my project.


What has been your largest professional challenge? My biggest challenge is leaving the comfort of nurse management and going into the foreign world of construction where I am the novice.  I still have a lot to learn but I love the incredible knowledge I am gaining.


What is your proudest accomplishment as part of the CCAHEC BOD?  I can take no credit for the accomplishments of CCAHEC.  I feel like Lin Browning is the driving force behind CCAHEC’s success and I am just proud of what she and the team has done.


What has been the largest challenge you’ve encountered while serving on the CCAHEC BOD?

Learning the ins and outs of corporate sponsorship has been a new experience for me. It gives me the opportunity to work through both my own and others hesitation in asking others to support CCAHEC through corporate sponsorship.

Based on what you’ve learned while serving on the CCAHEC BOD, what advice would you give to new, future directors?  I would say, make sure you take advantage of the staff job shadow opportunity quickly after you join the board so that you can truly understand all of the different programs that are supported.  Board meetings don’t always make sense until you immerse yourself in the wonderful things that are accomplished and the staff that make it happen.

What are your top three goals for CCAHEC in the coming year?  My top three goals for the year is to stay healthy with diet and exercise, keep on challenging myself with learning opportunities and making family a priority with work life balance.


If you'd like to know more about serving on our Board of Directors, click here.

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