Board Spotlight: Sarah Moody

Board Spotlight: Sarah Moody

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you’re from, where you live, family info (kids, pets, etc.).
Hello all! My name is Sarah Moody and I am from Colorado Springs. I have grown up in Colorado almost my entire life and have enjoyed every second of it! I do not have kids or pets of my own yet, but my family back in the Springs has two dogs. One golden doodle, Simba, and one sheepadoodle, Frankie. They are my parents' pride and joy (besides us kids, of course).

I have one twin brother, Will, who is also on THEARI’s Board of Directors, and a younger sister, Rachel who will be starting at Tulane in the fall.

If you could plan a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I could plan a vacation anywhere in the world I would go back to Ireland. I only got to spend one weekend there and it was not enough time! The people and landscape there were unforgettable.

What is one item you cannot live without? 
I cannot live without my tennis shoes! I love hitting the trails on the weekends to hike around or get a great workout at the gym. Exercise keeps me centered. I love crafting! Whether it’s making tapestries for my room, or helping out with scrapbooks, I could entertain myself all day.

Can you tell us about where you work, how long you’ve been working there, what your position is, and a little bit about what you do? 
I am a recent graduate of the University of Denver, and I am preparing for my chosen career in psychology. I will be attending the University of Denver again in the fall for my Master’s in Counseling Psychology in pursuit of my Licensure in professional counseling.

I am looking forward to getting involved in research right away, as I am currently weighing the option of continuing on with my Ph.D. following my master’s degree.

Why did you join the THEARI BOD? 
Being a new Board member, having just joined in April of this past year, I already know that my involvement with THEARI will be impactful and meaningful in both what I hope to achieve in the community and personally. I hope to reach a dynamic group of community members and continue implementing inclusive education programs. I joined the THEARI board to continue educating myself in what it means to be a culturally competent future practitioner.

What are your top three goals for THEARI in the coming year? 
My top three goals for THEARI this year are to help forge deeper relationships with the community involved in programming, making connections with future sustainers, and to help THEARI gain even more visibility in the community than ever before.

I am excited to be here and ever thankful for this opportunity!

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