CCAHEC Registered Nurse Refresher Course Students Can Now Complete Clinical Rotations via Virtual Simulation

CCAHEC Nurse Refresher Course Students Can Now Complete Clinical Rotations via Virtual Simulation

DENVER, CO (Dec. 1, 2020) - When clinical sites closed to student rotations due to COVID-19, CCAHEC strongly advocated for Refresher students to be able to complete their requisite 120 hours of clinical experience via virtual simulation. In October 2020, the Colorado State Board of Nursing changed the permanent rules to allow for up to 50% of those hours to be completed via simulation. This new rule will help meet the growing demand for experienced nurses to return to the workforce.

Join us in celebrating the launch of virtual simulation. For the month of December, all nurses who register for a Refresher Course will receive $100 off the cost of their tuition!

"The Colorado Board of Nursing embraces innovative, flexible tools to support refresher nursing students during these challenging times. We're proud to have worked directly with schools, refresher programs, nursing students, and other stakeholders to find a pragmatic solution for students to safely obtain the learning hours they need while also staying on track to meet the requirements of their programs. This is a small, yet incredibly important step to support our ever-expanding frontline nurse workforce in Colorado," said Roberta Hills, Interim Program Director and Nurse Education Manager with the State Board of Nursing.

Before the pandemic landed in the United States last March, nursing experts had been forecasting a nursing shortage. An aging workforce, baby boomers entering Medicare age and requiring more healthcare services, and the inability of academic programs to expand nursing faculty to meet rising demand have all contributed to a nursing workforce shortage.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Colorado, Governor Polis delivered a call-to-action, asking previously retired nurses to return to the workforce to help meet potential demands. Older nurses bring many strengths and skills to clinical settings including institutional knowledge, work experience, a mature perspective, dedication, loyalty, and enthusiasm for returning to work.

The CCAHEC Nurse Refresher Course has been developed to meet or exceed Colorado State Board of Nursing (SBON) requirements and is approved by the SBON for non-traditional programs. Completing the course will allow previously licensed Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) throughout the state of Colorado to update and enhance nursing knowledge and skills, develop confidence, renew their license, and re-enter the workforce. The online format of the course combined with rolling admission allow students to complete the course at their own pace anywhere, at any time.

Within an innovative framework, CCAHEC partners to create and implement educational programs, addressing the dynamic needs of students, providers, and community members. CCAHEC serves ten counties which make up the largest population with the greatest diversity in Colorado. Due to the population concentration, ethnic and cultural diversity, and social-economic issues in our community, there is a high demand for healthcare services, providers, and efforts to mitigate health disparities. The work of our Board of Directors, staff, and service team, combined with funding from various grants and contracts, allow us to effectively connect students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health.

Act quickly to enroll and receive $100 off the cost of tuition! Deadline is 12/31/2020.

For more information about the Nurse Refresher Courses, visit the program’s website here.

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