CCAHEC Provides Valuable Education to Students, Services to Community.

Central Colorado Health Education Provides Valuable Education to Students, Services to Community

Within 12 local counties, Central Colorado Area Health Education Center (CCAHEC) connects students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health.

“The Belmar Women’s Health & Beauty Expo is a unique opportunity to support health in Jefferson County while engaging our students and team members in activities that further their understanding in the importance of public health and wellbeing,” said Lin Browning, the Executive Director at CCAHEC.

Expo participants are encouraged to learn their numbers with free health screenings from CCAHEC medical staff, students, and volunteers on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018 at the Belmar Shopping Center Plaza from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Check blood pressure, glucose, pulse, height, weight, and vision. Access to referral and health education resources will also be readily available.

As one of 261 Area Health Education Centers nationwide inspired by the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) goals, CCAHEC develops and enhances education and training networks within communities, academic institutions, and community-based organizations. In turn, these networks increase diversity among health professionals, broaden the distribution of the health workforce, enhance health care quality, and improves health care delivery to rural and underserved areas and populations.

CCAHEC has developed a strong focus on healthcare career recruitment and retention activities. Programs aim to increase the potential for secondary, college, and health profession students from underrepresented populations, educationally disadvantaged, and rural backgrounds to successfully pursue a health profession career with an emphasis in public health. Partners include a variety of organizations including high schools, county workforce departments, education consortiums, and healthcare institutions. Through programs such as Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeships (real world experiences for 16 to 24-year-old students), AHEC Scholars (clinical and didactic training for current health professions students), and a variety of career and health fairs around the region, CCAHEC guides and encourages students through the healthcare pipeline to increase health profession diversity.

CCAHEC programs aim to increase the potential for health profession students to practice in a rural or urban underserved community by immersing them in community experiences through community-based education training programs, field placements, and interprofessional education and training. During their rotations, health professions students complete community service learning projects created to address identified community health needs.

Working with programs such as the Colorado Health Extension System (CHES), the Regional Health Connectors (RHC), and the AmeriCorps Community Opioid Response Program (CORP), CCAHEC facilitates and supports Colorado healthcare practice transformation efforts. Program planning and participation with community partners promotes a patient- and data-centered, team-based approach, addressing social determinants of health to improve quality and community health outcomes in rural and medically underserved areas.

For more information about Central Colorado Area Health Education Center, please visit www.ccahec.org or contact support@centralcoahec.org.

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