Community Opioid Response Program: Year Two

Community Opioid Response Program: Year Two

The AmeriCorps Community Opioid Response Program (CORP) had a wonderful year of successful community outreach and capacity building. Members helped support rural and urban regions impacted by the opioid epidemic. They distributed information, educated people about the epidemic, and joined and led several coalitions throughout the state. They have become a crucial piece of the community through their service.


“CORP has made a clear positive impact on the state of Colorado.”
 – Veronika Hanna, AmeriCorps Vista Coordinator


CORP consists of members from two different AmeriCorps programs: State and National (S/N) and Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). S/N members utilized three evidence-based strategies:


  • Supported planning and execution of provider education events about safe prescribing practices.
  • Planned and executed community educational events on administration of Naloxone.
  • Coordinated and delivered youth-focused opioid-related educational programming and resources.
During the second year, CORP had 10 S/N members throughout the state of Colorado. S/N members provided youth education to 3973  young adults in the state of Colorado. They also helped educate about 900 people in the administration of naloxone. Naloxone is a medication used to counter the effects of opioid overdose.
VISTA members focused on building capacity in local settings and utilized these evidence-based strategies:


  • Coordinated and facilitated meetings with local stakeholders to identify opioid-related concerns.
  • Explored opportunities for sustainable grants in the field of opioid use disorder (OUD).
  • Collected and managed data pertaining to opioid use, misuse, and potential deterrent strategies.


The program had 7 VISTA members throughout the state. VISTAs have helped increase the capacity of organizations through technical support, volunteer recruitment, and data analysis for their host-sites and partner organizations. Members were successfully awarded $20,000 through grants for the various organizations they partnered with.


Looking Ahead to Year Three


In year three, CORP will be expanding to 12 VISTA members throughout the state. The program will also add 2 VISTA leaders to support the increase of members. Unfortunately, CORP will not have any S/N members in year three, however, VISTA members will have increased scope to try and fill the gaps left by an awesome team of year two S/N members. CORP is currently looking for funding to support the expansion of the program throughout the state. CORP has made a clear positive impact on the state of Colorado. If you have any funding or grant opportunities please reach out to the program manager, Cori Howard at cori@centralcoahec.org.

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