Connecting Students to Careers: HCPA

Connecting Students to Careers: HCPA

Whether you are a healthcare consumer or provider, the quality of service is of utmost importance. Employers in the healthcare field have expressed that across their pool of applicants, there is a shortage of what are called “ 21 st Century or essential skills ”. These skills encompass simple but valuable attributes that are lacking in today’s workforce such as critical thinking skills, technology use, and interpersonal skills. In response to this need, Central Colorado AHEC (CCAHEC)developed the Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship Program (HCPA) . The aim of the Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship Program is not only to provide exposure to different careers in healthcare, but to hone these 21 st Century skills for emerging adults. CCAHEC wants participants to be the most qualified, competitive candidates, while making sure they have the skills to be successful in any healthcare industry job they are interested in.


In 2019, we have held two HCPA cohorts. The first was held at Prairie View High School where six students received Individualized Coaching, Essential Skills Training, Personality and Learning Style Assessments, and Career Pathway Exploration. Four of these students have since earned enough credits to graduate from high school, and we can't wait to hear more about the future career they choose. The second cohort completed in June, and was the most successful to date with 25 students completing the course! Students ranged in age from 15-50+, and we couldn't be more proud of the decision they made to explore a career in healthcare. You can learn more about the HCPA program at www.ccahec.org/hcpa.


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