Cross-County Partnership

Cross-County Partnership

As Central Colorado AHEC’s Education and Workforce Manager, my goal is to have some sort of presence in each of my 11 +1 counties. With my summer Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship (HCPA) program, I am able to work with 5 of our counties all at the same time! Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson county workforces not only contribute participants to my 3-week program, but also help with the planning, marketing, recruitment, and execution of the program as well. One of the biggest parts of being an AHEC is partnering with other organizations in order to make a societal or community impact. This collaboration definitely checks all of those boxes. By having so many of my workforce partners at the table at the same time, we can leverage funding (which is always huge) and other resources to meet our common goals. As a result of our cross-county collaboration, we’ve added 2 employer partners as internship and shadowing sites for our graduates, Vivage Senior Living and Colavria Hospitality. This program has brought together some of my favorite people from across my region and I think that’s a major reason why the program has been so successful.

While on the topic of success, I wanted to mention some of the successes of another healthcare institution in our area, Centura Health. Centura has recently been approved by the Department of Labor as a “Registered Apprenticeship” for Medical Assisting in multiple of their southern Denver locations. In the next 10 months, more than 30 participants will be accepted into their program and begin their journey towards being a Medical Assistant. Centura has been a great help to CCAHEC in our process of refining our HCPA to meet industry standards and I want to thank them for their support. The partnerships that CCAHEC has with institutions such as Centura and government agencies like our workforce partners are what really drive Central Colorado AHEC’s work forward. Here’s to new and valuable partnerships in 2018!

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