Genetics: Are we genetically inclined to engage, connect, and empower communities? THEARI staff would say yes!

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All of Us Research Program

November 2021

Genetics: Are we genetically inclined to engage, connect, and empower communities? THEARI staff would say yes!

Written By: Abigail Irlbeck, M.A. & RYT, Program Assistant

To kick off the first THEARI All of Us Research Program blog, I would like to share with our readers the partnerships that make this program possible. THEARI serves as a part of the Community and Provider Gateway Initiative (CPGI) as a grantee of the All of Us Research Program. This program was created by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2015 to enroll one million or more participants in the United States to build the largest most diverse database of health information of its kind that researchers can use to study health and illness.

We want to support researchers in efforts to understand how different genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors impact health and disease. With this information, researchers can look to improve ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat health conditions. By considering and valuing individual differences in lifestyle, socioeconomics, environment, and biology, researchers may uncover paths towards delivering precision medicine. This could lead to improved health for generations to come.

This All of Us Research Program is different from traditional research initiatives in many ways. It is not disease or population specific, rather, the goal is to create a database of information that could inform thousands of studies and communities. Another example of how this program differs is that it is particularly interested in participation from individuals that have been historically underrepresented in biomedical research. THEARI is proud to educate our communities about the program and promote participation as we believe that we are an integral part of delivering precision medicine that will better support the unique makeups of communities across the U.S.


THEARI engages communities

Understanding information on how genetic factors impact health and how this information can aid in promoting health and preventing disease is at the foundation of the work that THEARI does. While we don’t do genetic testing at THEARI, we make an intentional effort to look at the core of the communities we serve. Learning and evolving with communities creates impactful change. Similar to the All of Us Research Program in which participants in the program are partners, THEARI involves communities in the process of exploring and defining what change is needed. As an organization that serves various groups in healthcare, including students, providers, and community members, engagement marks the beginning of unwavering partnership.

THEARI connects communities

At THEARI, we believe that diversity and the unique qualities and perceptions of individuals can better inform the work that we do. We value connection, like one of the core values of the All of Us Research Program. This program aims to connect communities, particularly those that have been underrepresented in biomedical research. With a foundation of engagement and a strong sense of connection, this research program has the ability to be a catalyst for positive changes in preventing disease and treating illness. THEARI promotes the All of Us Research Program because we align with the value placed on individuality and recognize that everyone comes from a unique family tree. We also recognize the importance of drawing similarities to continue connecting to each other and ensure we meet the needs of the communities we serve.

THEARI empowers communities

As THEARI staff, we are motivated and passionate about empowering communities. Like how the All of Us Research Program empowers researchers, THEARI empowers communities to identify needs, utilize resources, and use both to better meet community health needs. THEARI empowers communities to join the All of Us Research Program to learn more about their own health needs and be a part of a historic effort to diversify medical research. THEARI staff are intrinsically motivated to engage, connect, and empower communities, not just with the All of Us Research Program, but with all THEARI programs across the institute.

For more information about the All of Us Research Program, visit JoinAllofUs.org/togetherDENVER

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