Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Day is an important day for AmeriCorps members and the community. AmeriCorps members celebrate MLK with a day on and not a day off. It is one of the few days out of the year that AmeriCorps members are invited to leave their place of normal service and go out into the community to serve in a different way.


This year, our AmeriCorps members celebrated MLK Day, January 21, 2019, all over Colorado. Some members spent time in animal shelters, others organizing modern art basements, and for those here in Denver organizing food at the Action Center in Denver and preparing food at the Denver Rescue Mission.


The Denver AmeriCorps team was met by Lt Governor Dianne Primavera who took some time out of her day to learn more about what our program does. Primavera shared that her daughter also served for a year in AmeriCorps and that she would like to see the taxes for the education award that members are given at the end of the year go down. All of the members shared how much they enjoyed their service day and look forward to their next day of service on Cesar Chavez Day, which is March 31st. The whole AmeriCorps team will be planning to get together for this one and serve in the Denver area.


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