Nine Years and Counting

Nine Years and Counting

If you would have told me nine years ago that I would be bookkeeping for a non-profit here in Colorado, I would have looked at you cross eyed! But my career life was taking a turn at the time.

I started out in DeKalb, Illinois working for a publishing company there, putting out the TV listings to many newspapers across the country via magnetic tape. But that company went out of business and I was free to find employment elsewhere. That elsewhere was to be Colorado.

My second job interview here in Colorado was for the Rocky Mountain News, I interviewed with a person I had gotten to know over the phone as I had been sending her company TV listings for a couple years from my prior job! I got the job and then worked my way up, over 27 years, to be the Client Services Manager. We worked through using dumb terminals for the Classified and Editorial input to the newspaper to being networked on our own servers using PCs to input content and advertising. Always a changing environment, kept me on my toes! But then this job was no longer available.

Speaking of keeping me on my toes, this Accounting Manager position at Central CO AHEC has also kept me on my toes. When I first started in 2009 we were using a software to enter and keep track of the funds which wasn’t the most user-friendly software. Reports were hard to create and even harder sometimes to read! With the insight from Lin Browning, our Executive Director, in July of 2017 we started using QuickBooks. A much more dynamic software making it much easier to organize payments and receipts, gives us the ability to become paperless, email invoices and pay bills online and reports are easier to run and read!

Keeping track of the contracts and funding made available to us, and paying bills for our day to day office use is my job, but working with the people who help make this all happen is what has really kept me going in this position  I get to see first hand all the fabulous work that Central CO AHEC and its staff has done to steer young students to pursue health care careers, it has been eye opening. Just recently helping with mock interviews for the latest HCPA (Health Care Pre-Apprentice Course) showed me how much these young students need to be shown about this world we have come to know. CCAHEC and its staff always encourage students through recognition and scholarships. The most recent being the Denver Metro Regional Science Fair, recognizing the top science projects by sending them to the International Science and Engineering fair in Pittsburgh, PA this year!

Our Executive Director, Lin Browning, and the rest of the staff at Central CO AHEC has made it comfortable to work here from monthly staff meeting potlucks, to the possibility of working from home made easier. Seeing us, the staff, as a priority to keep healthy and safe is something you don’t always find in larger corporations! The down to earth feeling you get from this office makes your days go by, even nine years’ worth of days!

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