Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

“Nonprofit strategic planning is the process of identifying elements of a blueprint that will help organizations accomplish their goals. It requires your organization to create goals and objectives and make decisions about how you’ll reach them.” – Bloomerang

At THEARI we have had working strategic plans in place since 2015. We take planning seriously and we recognize the importance of inclusion in developing our annual goals. We have a long history of our Board of Directors, committees, and team members working together to identify opportunities and craft goals, objectives, strategies, and activities.

With the changes in our organization over the last two years, we recognized that bringing in some outside, expert help could benefit our process further.

In September 2021, THEARI Board and team members came together in-person and virtually and were led by Periscope Theory to deepen our strategic planning skills. The day began with reviewing the results of a pre-survey that demonstrated our desire to modify our existing business model to become a fundraising organization, while growing our donor and revenue streams. Small and large group conversations were had, and we were introduced to the facilitated conversation strategy known as Six Thinking Hats.

The conversations continued over the next few months as we worked together to clearly identify the elements to our formal plan. The structure we are currently working from includes:

Goal 1- Increase THEARI Recognition

Objective 1-Refine, implement, and evaluate a formal marketing/advertisement plan


Goal 2- Grow Revenue and Donors / Business Model Transformation

Objective 1- Create and implement a fundraising strategic plan

Objective 2- Establish varying continuous funding streams


Specific strategies and activities were developed to help us achieve these goals.

As we move forward it is helpful to have clear guidance on where we want to be and the steps we will take to get there.

At THEARI we believe a strategic plan is meant to be a living plan that should not “live on a shelf” or in a digital file. We regularly review our progress and modify activities as needed in every Board, staff, and committee meeting to keep our focus and ensure we are making progress.

If you are interested in being a part of furthering our goals, please consider joining the board or one of our committees. Email Lin@WeAreTHEARI.org to learn more.

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