Virtual Clinical Simulation


During the October 2020 rule making meeting of the State Board of Nursing, the Board formally changed the permanent rules to allow RN and LPN Refresher students to complete up to 50% of their requisite clinical hours via simulation in lieu of in person clinicals. During the Governor’s emergency orders, the Board has temporarily expanded these rules to allow Refresher students to complete up to 100% of their requisite clinical hours via simulation. 

The platform we’re using for virtual simulation is NovEx (Novice to Expert Learning™).


Computer Specification that are essential:
• Internet Browser: Latest version of Chrome; Not supported: Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox
• Internet Browser: JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in the browser settings.
• Strong Internet Connection: Avoid DSL or a Dial-in connection
• Computer: a computer that is 8 years old or newer (e.g., use Windows 7 or later)
• Memory: NovEx Cases run best with a minimum of 4G of RAM
• Headset or Speaker: Preferred
• Plug-ins: none required
• Firewall: Ensure that your Network Administrator has allowed access to domains: novicetoexpert.org and learn.novicetoexpert.org
The network must also allow access to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Contact your IT department if unable to access the Website.
• Email: End Users can add the following email addresses to their safe sender list: o info@NoviceToExpert.org or Nina.Bono@novicetoexpert.org .If you do not receive emails please remember to check your SPAM folder
• Compatible with tablets: Android and iOS
• Phone Devices: are not fully supported at this time



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