Reflections of a Decade

Reflections of a Decade

“At the beginning, I was just trying to help out where I could. Kris [Wenzel, CCAHEC’s founding Executive Director and Pat’s sister] was focused on community connections” and needed someone for accounting management. After Pat’s position was eliminated from Rocky Mountain News, she pursued accounting courses and dove right in. Pat mused that the last ten years have been interesting. Four Executive Directors with different leadership styles and processes, a large-scale office move from Anschutz Medical Campus to our current location in South East Denver, and numerous advances in technology and policy kept Pat’s position fresh. “I realized pretty early on that this was going to be a new long-term career.” Pat goes on to say that “you find your way, and you learn about new products and new ways of doing things, and you take it all in stride.”

“Pat exemplifies the spirit of loyalty and the passion for teamwork,” said Lin Browning, CCAHEC Executive Director. “She came to CCAHEC to help her sister and she has led us in the development of our work family. Pat cares deeply about our mission and keeps us all smiling as we work together to achieve it. Never one to say no to a new challenge, Pat motivates us all to be innovative and responsive to our communities.”

Pat exemplifies the spirit of loyalty and the passion for teamwork.

We asked Pat what the best thing about working at CCAHEC is and she said “helping others, such as high school students, but also being able to help Lin with reports and being there for whatever else she needs. I was once asked why I come back every day. Really, it’s because it constantly changes on a daily basis. Technology changes, I learn more, new programs begin…you just don’t know what is going to happen.” A staple within office culture, Pat loves “coming in each day and finding out what’s next, knowing what to do, and communicating and staying up to date on what’s going on with each person and program.” She enjoys the team and supporting them in any way she can.

Knowing Pat is to know that she does not often speak of her accomplishments or what she has done for which she is most proud. A bit of coaxing however revealed her work in records management and maintenance; both of which were not streamlined when she first arrived at CCAHEC. Pat considers her process a success when her work seamlessly enables Lin to make decisions on behalf of the organization. Above all else, she is most proud of her growth. Ten years has afforded her to feel more comfortable in her responsibilities and thriving in an environment that embraces a team approach. Pat feels more available and easygoing and is proud to be so.

Above all else, she is most proud of her growth.

In closing out and reflecting on ten years, Pat sincerely appreciates the openness of CCAHEC’s Executive Director, and her ability to ask the right questions with genuine interest in hearing feedback. Pat also spoke about the Kris Wenzel Memorial Scholarship Fund; a fund in honor of continuing her sister’s legacy of getting students excited about healthcare careers. She mentioned though Lin has no obligation to do so, she has made this a priority to continue at CCAHEC, and Pat and her family “think that’s fantastic.” “For some of these kids, it’s a lot of money that can hopefully bring them back onto the right track.”  “I didn’t realize the impact and gravity of Kris’ work until a few years into being here, but I look forward to new changes in the future.”

Thank you, Pat, for a decade of service providing essential connection between CCAHEC and our students, providers, and community members to enable creation and implementation of educational programs!

Congratulations on 10 Years!

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