Staff Spotlight – Abigail Irlbeck

Staff Spotlight - Abigail Irlbeck

Abigail Irlbeck joined THEARI in February of 2021 as the Program Assistant for the Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship (HCPA) program. She recently expanded her role to lead THEARI’s ongoing engagement with the All of Us Research Program. She came to THEARI with a passion for teaching, a desire to address the unique public health needs of communities, and to share her personal commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Born in Carroll, IA, Abigail has been enthusiastic about health and wellness her entire life. After starting as a gymnast and dancer at age five, Abigail has kept movement as a part of her daily routine ever since. With parents who fostered a love of athletics, cooking, baking, and general wellness, Abigail developed an interest in nutrition and inclusive wellbeing that built the foundation for her career.

She attended the University of Nebraska Omaha for her undergraduate and graduate work. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2015 and her Master of Arts in Health Behavior in 2018, keeping wellness at the forefront of her studies. During her undergraduate years, she worked as a peer academic advisor, discovering a love for coaching, and making connections. This led Abigail to the Council on International Educational Exchange’s Public Health Comparative Policy Program in Amsterdam and London, in which she developed a love for bridging the gap between students, communities, and public health. After graduate school, Abigail was hired as adjunct faculty at the University of Nebraska Omaha to teach stress management and yoga. Shortly after, she moved to Denver, CO, as her husband Tanner was placed at the University of Colorado for a pharmacy residency. Continuing her career path in health education, she joined the Community College of Denver (CCD) and taught nutrition and medical terminology. She also trained as a Lifestyle Coach for the YMCA of Metro Denver and facilitated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Abigail is excited about continuing her journey with THEARI’s team, bringing her expertise in wellness and education to expand workforce development and health research programs. After just two years in Denver and just four months with THEARI, Abigail moved to Rochester, MN, after her husband Tanner received a job opportunity as an Infectious Disease Pharmacist at Mayo Clinic. With both Abigail and her THEARI team being unwilling to say goodbye so soon, Abigail has started the THEARI-Minnesota office as part of our expanding interstate team – 4 states down, 46 to go! When Abigail isn’t supporting health education in her THEARI responsibilities, she virtually teaches yoga in Nebraska. Other activities Abigail enjoys are hiking, skiing, and walking her dog, Charlie. Thanks to Charlie and the occasional kitchen-dance session, you can find her regularly reaching 20,000 steps per day. She also plays the piano, enjoys cooking, reading, and is big Nebraska Husker Volleyball fan.

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