Staff Spotlight: Robby Ruggles

Robby first joined THEARI in 2015 as the IT and Communications Manager. With the birth of his first son just three months later, Robby, Breezy, and Jaxon moved to Wisconsin to be closer to family. It was hard to lose Robby because his unique blend of passions for technology and marketing aligned perfectly with THEARI goals and projects. It is not common to find one individual who is skilled in both the analytics and creativity needed for this dual role. When the role became open again in 2018, we reached out to Robby and asked if he would be interested in exploring a fully remote position. We were elated when he chose to return, and it was the beginning of THEARI’s remote staff experiment.

Though Robby has always been the “IT Guy” to friends and family, his longest career was in the Navy, where he served in law enforcement for 13.5 years and earned the E6 rank, his proudest professional accomplishment. Upon leaving the Navy, Robby returned to school to study marketing and website design and connected with THEARI because of the professional experience the role could provide him.

Robby was, and continues to be, instrumental in leading THEARI’s technological resources management, supporting the entire THEARI staff team that is now completely remote and will be for the foreseeable future. Having been our first remote team member gave him a personal understanding for the importance of teambuilding and quality virtual engagement, along with data security and advanced online platforms. Robby enjoys being behind-the-scenes while also engaged in of all aspects of the organization, assisting his teammates across all programs.

When not keeping our systems running smoothly, Robby also crafts the stories of THEARI in his communications role. He oversaw our organization-wide rebranding that included guiding the organization through developing its new identity. He has developed and upgraded all our branded materials from brochures, presentations, videos, websites and more. Robby’s goals for this year include staying the course with the new systems in place while continuing to support our growth trajectory.

A self-proclaimed gaming nerd, Robby also loves being with his two sons and his fiancé, going hiking and camping, celebrating his favorite sports teams, and writing poetry.

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