Staff Spotlight: Susan Garrett

Staff Spotlight: Susan Garrett

Susan Garrett joined Central Colorado AHEC in October 2020 as a Regional Health Connector in her home county of El Paso, as well as nearby Park and Teller counties.  For the past eight years, she taught public health nursing before attempting to retire. As she was finishing her public health nursing teaching position in late 2020 and looking at the best ways to enjoy a bit of relaxation time, she heard about the position from fellow public health nurses. After learning about CCAHEC’s commitment to a health-conscious educated community, increasing diversity in health disciplines, and using data to identify best practices she knew she had to set aside her plans to rest and join the CCAHEC mission.

Susan is a public health nurse who has spent most of her career working to improve the health of vulnerable populations. She has worked on everything from HIV prevention, vaccination campaigns, to advocating for clean water and access to healthy food. She thrives on forming community connections to assist disenfranchised populations with opportunities to improve health. Her current priority projects are disseminating the GRIT program to increase resiliency in these challenging times (see this Link to learn more about the GRIT program) and partnering with primary care practices to include screening for food insecurity and access to food resources. Susan enjoys serving her community and in her “free time” has been volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corp of El Paso County at COVID–19 vaccination clinics.

Susan is what is commonly known as a “military brat”, her father spent her childhood in service, so she grew up all over the world. As a young adult, she landed in Maryland and spent the bulk of her education and career along the east coast. Susan moved to Colorado ten years ago and immediately felt at home because of the relaxed atmosphere, the welcoming community, and the shared love of the outdoors and nature. She loves to go hiking, bicycling, and snow shoeing as often as possible. She goes to Rocky Mountain National Park several times a year, enjoying the time with her husband away from electronics! Since moving to Colorado, she has pursued a goal of exploring every western National Park; she already met her goal of seeing a moose after years of searching the wilderness! On the rare occasion when she is not outdoors or working for her community, she spends her free time quilting, cooking, and recuperating from all her Zoom meetings!

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