Student Housing: Interview with Host LeAnn Vasquez

Host Interview with LeAnn Vasquez

  • Personal Background – I’ve lived in Colorado Springs since 1973 with my husband John. We’ll have been married 46 years next month! We have 3 kids, ages 44, 38, and 36. We also have 4 grandkids, ages 7, 5, 4, and 2. I became a host through my relationship with the Colorado Springs City Employee Pharmacy. There seemed to be a new student every time we went in to the pharmacy, so we eventually talked to them and got to know them. The pharmacist knew we had just finished our basement and I had just retired from work. It seemed like a perfect fit! I love the college age students and hearing their stories.


  • How long have you been a host? – 6th year in September


  • Why did you decide to become a host? Being a host is my chance to give back to the community, a lot of prayer went into our beautiful home and we wanted to give back and thank God for our home.


  • What’s your favorite part of hosting medical students? – Every single student I’ve had has been great, I love hearing their stories and getting to know them and where they come from. I had a medical student who was a civil engineer and changed course because he felt he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do and help people. That reassured me that the students are doing the right thing. Something about each is intriguing.


  • Obviously you’re not in it for the money, what makes it worth it? – I originally wanted it to be extra income because of retirement, but now that’s not it at all. Giving back and the joy it brings me is what really makes the difference.


  • Do you have any favorite student anecdotes? I keep in touch with several students through Facebook. I once had to tell a student on the first day that her zipper was down and it TOTALLY broke the ice. She really interacted well with my grandsons, her presence and personality were phenomenal. I still keep in touch with my first student who was going through a rough time and he trusted me enough to share his life. It really brought back the times when I was mentoring college students for work. This student wasn’t able to go home for Christmas because of travel restrictions and ended up joining the family for the holidays.


  • Any words for people considering becoming hosts? – Jump in and try it. It’s more rewarding than it is a hassle. Give it a try and enjoy the students that come into your life. We love Mitch, he’s great!

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