Worksite Wellness at CCAHEC

Worksite Wellness at CCAHEC

Worksite wellness at CCAHEC is not so much a program, as it is an adopted culture by its team members. Monthly challenges around emotional, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual wellness embody the program’s mission to foster a culture of wellness by empowering team members to achieve their best possible health. 

Monthly individual and team challenges such as evaluating financial wellness, identifying gratitude, self-care bingo, tracking sleep patterns and habits, sharing and discussing staff-identified resources supporting our strategic initiatives, and completing tasks to enhance occupational satisfaction, engaged and encouraged 87% of team members to participate throughout the year. Photographing moments of joy in the lives of our team members represented not only a fresh method by which to track challenge participation, but anecdotally was identified as a team favorite.

CCAHEC uses worksite wellness to deliberately increase thought or actions toward wellness, encourage small changes that help us become healthier, and create an opportunity for balance in the lives of our team members, among other wellness goals. In a recent evaluation of programmatic wellness efforts, 85% of team members identified worksite wellness as a means to also increase team cohesiveness. “Challenges help with feeling connected and celebrating others' successes and challenges” one team member said anonymously. Team members also reported using worksite wellness as an opportunity to create more balance in their lives while supporting professional efficiency and personal lifestyle.

Worksite wellness at CCAHEC enjoys full support from organizational leadership in our Executive Director and Board of Directors. Valuing health-consciousness, dedicated funds are budgeted each year as an investment in team health and wellness. Standing desks are one such example and were provided to each team member as an incentive for 100% participation in the occupational wellness challenge that occurred earlier this year. Worksite wellness would not thrive, nor reach its full potential, without leadership recognition of the importance of implementing a worksite wellness program.

Program growth looking forward concentrates on extending newly developed habits from challenges past their end date, making wellness visible and applicable in both professional and personal lives, and deliberate dedication and consideration of our remote team members’ challenge participation and wellness.

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