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All of Us Research Program

THEARI Student Ambassador Program

The Health Education and Resources Institute (THEARI) is a grantee of the All of Us Research Program, serving as a part of the Community and Provider Gateway Initiative (CPGI). The All of Us Research Program aligns with the mission, vision, and values of THEARI and in partnership with Pyxis Partners and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), THEARI is proud to engage student ambassadors at local educational institutions in Colorado as a unique opportunity to involve young professionals in precision medicine research. THEARI will recruit and train students from local educational institutions to promote the All of Us Research Program.

Through the NIH, the All of Us Research Program is looking for medical data from one million participants living in the United States to help researchers better understand how certain health conditions differ among various communities. The more research reveals about what makes each of us unique, the more tailored healthcare can become. By considering individual differences in lifestyle, socioeconomics, environment, and biology, researchers may uncover paths towards delivering precision medicine.

Each student will be required to complete an orientation session in which they will learn about the program and the expectations of the Student Ambassador role. Students will also learn how to inform and promote the All of Us Research Program in their unique communities. The THEARI Student Ambassador Program will benefit both the students and the All of Us Research Program by providing students with the opportunity to inform their peers and communities about the importance of diversity in biomedical research and increase overall enrollment in the program. Students recruited for this program will also advance their presentation skills, learn to work with a non-profit health organization, and expand their personal and professional networks.

Students will become an integral part of the promotion and education of the All of Us Research Program and simultaneously support the work that THEARI does to engage, connect, and empower communities. THEARI believes that through the Student Ambassador Program, we can expand local engagement with the All of Us Research Program, build students’ professional skills, and support the overarching goal of the All of Us Research Program to gather data from one million or more people living in the U.S. to create a diverse health database that represents us all.

As part of the THEARI All of Us Student Ambassador Program, student ambassadors will be expected to:

  • Increase awareness of the program by educating and promoting the program in their specific communities.
  • Complete an orientation session to learn about the program, become comfortable with the content, and collaborate with fellow student ambassadors to develop ideas for outreach events.
  • Utilize pre-approved curriculum and marketing materials provided by the program via THEARI staff.
  • Deliver pre-approved curriculum about the All of Us Research Program through the following means:
    • Host a campus and/or community outreach event once per month with a minimum of 15 attendees, events must be approved by THEARI staff and Pyxis Partners with consideration of local COVID-19 guidelines, ideas include, but are not limited to:
      • Booth/tabling opportunities
      • Organization meetings
      • Digital webinars
    • Meet the monthly administration requirements, which include:
      • Attend monthly check-in meetings with THEARI staff.
      • Submit monthly report summary to THEARI staff by the 25th of each month.
    • Serve for at least five months with a minimum time commitment of approximately five hours per month.
    • Complete all required tax documentation.

Student ambassadors will:

  • Receive $1,000 student ambassador stipend and will be responsible for associated taxes.
  • Create monthly campus and/or community events in which students will present and promote All of Us Research Program information.
  • Highlight the importance of precision medicine and function as an intermediary to medical researchers so we can better meet the unique health needs of specific communities.
  • Share their passion for diversity in biomedical research through program education and engagement.
  • Enhance professional attributes including facilitation skills, networking, program development, and marketing.
  • Engage with THEARI staff and learn the inner workings of a healthcare education non-profit.

Not currently Accepting Applications: Steps to apply are below for reference should we open applications again.

How to Apply

Students from all areas of interest and study are encouraged to apply. Students must fill out the application and upload a resume and one page cover letter in a PDF format. Upon review, students may be asked to interview with Abigail Irlbeck and additional THEARI staff. For questions about this opportunity, please email Abigail@wearetheari.org.

Students may want to consider reviewing the following items to prepare a competitive application:

Students must address the following in their cover letter:

  • What interests you about being a THEARI, Student Ambassador for the All of Us Research Program?
  • What qualifications and/or experiences do you have that would support this role?
  • What does health equity mean to you?


Within an innovative framework, THEARI partners to create and implement inclusive healthcare education programs, addressing the dynamic needs of students, providers, and community members. Due to the population concentration, ethnic and cultural diversity, and social-economic issues in our communities, there is a high demand for healthcare services, providers, and efforts to mitigate health disparities. The work of our Board of Directors, staff, and service team, combined with funding from various grants and contracts, allows us to address the healthcare needs of our communities and increase diversity in all health disciplines. For more information about our organization, please visit our home page.

More information about the All of Us Research program can be found at JoinAllofUs.org/togetherDENVER