Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship

Training to Jump Start a Health Career
Individualized Coaching
Personality and Learning Style Assessment
Career Pathway Exploration
Essential Skills Training
Contextual Learning Experiences

We meet Anastasia, a young mother who attended The Health Education and Resources Institute's Healthcare Pre-Apprenticeship Program which taught her about the expansive opportunities in the Health Care Field. Anastasia completed the program and can now take care of family with her new job at Swedish Medical Center.

Skeletal models seen in the video were provided by Anatomy in Clay Centers, Denver.

This video was created by Colorado Public Television.


The Health Careers Pre-Apprenticeship Program (HCPA) is a three-week training program designed to jump-start those considering a health career. This unique program provides individualized coaching, personality and learning style assessments, career pathway exploration, essential skills training, contextual learning experiences, and a variety of certifications to enable participants to be successful in a health career.

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