Announcing our new name!

Announcing Our New Name: The Health Education and Resources Institute

We are so pleased to announce that effective immediately, we are now doing business as The Health Education and Resources Institute (THEARI)!

We recently shared that our organization was undergoing some exciting changes. Today, we want to share with you the first major milestone in our journey, our new name! Our staff and Board of Directors deliberated and considered multiple options to find a name which encapsulated the core of what we do, the future direction of our organization, and our team culture.

The types of work we have been doing for 20 years has not changed, and the revised logo continues to capture the work we do for students, providers, and community members. Going forward you will still see the old name in various places as we work through this process. If you have our name and logo listed on your website or directory, please email us at support@centralcoahec.org so we can help update our information.

Of course, our name and logo are just one part of our identity. We are using this opportunity for change to evaluate all aspects of our organization.

You will see a new website, adjustments to our newsletter and social media presence, expanded programming, and more. One simple, but very important update we would like to announce today is our slightly revised mission statement:

Within an innovative framework, The Health Education and Resources Institute (THEARI) partners to create and implement inclusive educational programs, addressing the dynamic needs of students, providers, and community members.

We are always listening, learning from, and adjusting to the needs of everyone in our community. We feel adding the word inclusive to our mission statement represents our commitment to ensuring everyone has access to healthcare education and resources.

The entire team at The Health Education and Resources Institute thank you for your continued support and we cannot wait to share this journey with you.


Stay safe and be healthy,


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