Working at THEARI: Wellness at the Forefront

Susan Garrett and Jamie Fanselow, Regional Health Connectors at THEARI shared their thoughts on the wellness culture at THEARI.

We're laughing and sharing and inspiring each other forward every day.

Susan Garrett: I joined the THEARI team in the fall of 2020 and wondered how I would be able to connect with my new colleagues in the middle of a pandemic with everyone working remotely. Little did I know that I was joining an organization with a culture of supporting their employees. THEARI intentionally devotes time and effort to employee wellness. Regular team meetings with brief icebreaker activities allow the team to bond over Zoom, and monthly wellness challenges promote self-care.

For me, one of the most impactful examples of this culture was the time I shared during the weekly team meeting about a personal crisis that might unexpectedly impact my schedule for the week. Within minutes, a colleague messaged that they had reviewed my schedule and could arrange coverage for my meetings if needed. My supervisor followed up and ensured I had blocked time off in my schedule to address the crisis. Multiple colleagues reached out with messages of care and offers to help. I was in awe at the amount of support I received from THEARI.


Jamie Fanselow: For me, THEARI’s Culture of Wellness began long before my first day of work in January 2022.  It began the moment I stepped into the interview for my position.  A team of warm, smiling faces met me, and their first question was, “Who are you? Outside of your professional life, who are YOU?”.  The sincerity and connection I felt from this single moment floored me.  And it didn’t stop there.  Two weeks prior to coming on board, I found a mysterious parcel at my front door. It was a gift from THEARI, a book called The Definitive Guide to Self-Care, along with a warm note of welcome from the team.

In my first months with THEARI, I’ve been invited to join the fun monthly wellness challenges.  Perhaps we’re sharing healthy recipes, inspiring one another to practice mindfulness, or thinking about good sleep habits together.  These challenges support wellness strategies.  But most importantly, through these activities, the THEARI team is getting to know one another and connecting personally, despite the pandemic and virtual environment.  We’re laughing and sharing and inspiring each other forward every day.

Additionally, and perhaps most poignantly, the wellness culture at THEARI radiates from the fact that, as a team, we each feel respected, honored, and appreciated.  It is an environment that inspires hard work and bringing our best selves to our workday and to one another.

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