Nurse Refresher Student Spotlight: Liliana Martinez

Liliana Martinez, RN Refresher Student

Nurse Refresher Student Spotlight: Liliana Martinez

This month we are recognizing Nurse Refresher Student Liliana Martinez!  THEARI’s Professional Education Team had this to say about Liliana:

“Liliana’s dedication and motivation paid off when she successfully completed the RN Refresher course,and received her active license in February. We are so happy to have assisted Liliana through her journey into returning to the career she loves! Congratulations Liliana!”

Liliana was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself and the course.

Where are you at now after completing the Refresher Course?

I will be starting with HopeWest, a hospice provider in Grand Junction Colorado, in one week, with the job title Primary RN.

How well prepared were you to re-enter the nursing field after completing the Refresher Course?

I am mentally ready!

What motivated or inspired you to return to nursing?

I took a break from nursing about seven years ago after 16 years as an RN. During that time, I developed a real sense of who I am as a person and what my capabilities in this life are. My life mission has always been “to help people in their time of need to the best of my ability”, this mission was reinvigorated with the response to the pandemic. I knew I had a lot to offer, and I really missed being an RN!

Why did you choose to complete the THEARI Refresher course?

Primarily the convenience of the program, being self-paced, on-line, and I wasn’t expected to sit in a classroom. I was extremely motivated to get back into healthcare.

What was your favorite part of the course and what was the most difficult?

Although I had only been out of the healthcare workforce for seven years, quite a bit had changed from when I went to nursing school in the late 1990s! I learned so much with THEARI’s Refresher Course, I was also reminded of/”refreshed” on information that had gotten stored in the back of my memory - that was my favorite part, the learning. Honestly, the Final Exam was fairly difficult, and ultimately that was a close second “favorite” part, because I passed! I never felt such accomplishment, as I did that day when I passed that test. (Very similar to passing the NCLEX 20+ years ago.) I do need to mention as well, the Cohort Briefing sessions relating to the online simulation lab/clinical, stimulated my critical thinking in ways I would never have anticipated, another favorite part of this journey.


Are you interested in returning to nursing like Liliana, or do you know someone who is?  Head on over to our website to see our full list of courses, including courses for RNs and LPNs!

Registered Nurses can now take up to 100% of the clinical requirements virtually! The upcoming Virtually Simulated Cohorts are:

Cohort 7: Start date: June 2, 2022

Completion date: June 30, 2022

Cohort 8 Start date: August 4, 2022

Completion date: September 1, 2022

Cohort 9: Start date: October 6, 2022

Completion date: November 3, 2022


Registration opens two weeks after completion date of prior cohort. Registration closes end of business hours a week before cohort begins.


Learn more about Virtually Simulated Clinicals

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