The All of Us Research Program presents the Social Determinants of Health Survey

Where we were born, where we live, and where we go to school or work make up who we are. But more than that, they could impact our health. The All of Us Research Program wants to learn more about how social determinants of health can lead to changes in our health, for better or for worse.

Some studies suggest nearly half of our health issues can be traced back to the environment and circumstances in which we live. To learn more about how the social determinants of health affect us, All of Us created a new survey. Understanding how factors like neighborhood safety, stress levels, and even our social support system can help researchers and leaders find ways to address them.

More and more researchers are interested in studying how our social environment - like how we spend our time and who we have in our lives - explains health across different people and communities. Our unique experiences can fill gaps in health research. Will you Join All of Us and take the survey?

Join the All of Us Research Program at Joinallofus.org/togetherDENVER

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